Scatterbrainded, Autum Rain, The Enemy Within, Fear Is The Key, Awaken The Lion, Burning Bridges, Reflections Of Yesterday, Arcana & the outro The Immortal

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short  p r e s s   r e l e a s e

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The german label 7hard had released nine freshly mastered songs of the 90s cult band THE IMMORTAL from Siegen (Germany) and combines two demo's into one casting in cooperation with the musicians, in present.

Martin (bass/wieland-promotion) and Schmalli (guitar/b human!) were already on stage together with "Whetstone" since 1987.


Founded in October 1989, THE IMMORTAL produced in the beginning of 1990 their first demo "Awaken The Lion" and a year later their second work “Autumn Rain”. With remarkable reviews in many print magazines of this time, the band was invited to studio, record label and gigs in Germany and neighbouring countries. 


The formation was dissolved at the end of 1993, after about four years of its existence.


Back in the Present

During 2019, in coordination and with the support of other band members, the cooperation between Schmalli (g) and Martin (b) has now continued. It was quickly agreed, that the powerful, dynamic-melodic songs with the catchy choruses and demanding lyrics of THE IMMORTAL still have their place in the hard music genre. What was more obvious than to digitize and revise the two audio studio master tapes from 1990/91. The result is impressive and can only have one name: THE IMMORTAL - the faith of metal - and can be followed here, on the redesigned website with essential information.

THE IMMORTAL autumn rain

Demo Feb 1991. Produced by THE IMMORTAL & Markus Schneider (Tripple-X-Productions), engineering & key's by Carsten Trinkner (Jacca Music)

Line Up 1991 f.l.t.r.: Martin Schlagner (b), Juergen Vit (d), Schmalli (g), Stefan Neuser (v)

OSIRIS (later THE IMMORTAL) awaken the lion

Demo Feb 1990. Produced by THE IMMORTAL & Markus Schneider (Tripple-X-Productions) and additional guitars. Engineering & key's by Carsten Trinkner (Jacca Music)

Line Up 1989/1990 f.l.t.r. Martin Redieske (g), Juergen Vitt (d), Stefan Neuser (v), 
Martin Schlagner (b), Markus Uehlhoff (g)


Founding Members Oktober 1989
Stefan Neuser (v)
Martin Redieske (g)
Markus Uelhoff (g)
Martin Schlagner (b)
Jürgen Vitt (d)

Recasting 1991
Stefan Neuser (v)
Schmalli (g)
Martin Schlagner (b)
Jürgen Vitt (d)

Recasting 1992
Martin Schlagner (v/b)
Schmalli (g)
Uwe Schmidt (g)
Jürgen Vitt (d)

Last Line Up 1993 to the end of 1993
Jens Stühn (v)
Schmalli (g)
Jens Stühn (v)
Schmalli (g)
Uwe Schmidt (g)
Markus Arnold (d)

the faith of metal [ remastered 2019]
Schmalli (
Martin (

inspirations, lyrics & comments

A "few days" and decades passed by, that various inspirations merged into a rehearsal room to form in one cast. Our Voice Stefan has dealt with his texts again these days and commented on them in summary.
Current references are remarkable... .

Comment Stefan 2019

"... was inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer of a particularly perverted nature, who pulled a trail of blood all over the US ..."


(jeffrey’s tale)


growing anger

wrapped in gently scheme

suspicion in a state of jealousy

I’m softly greeping,

be your handsome guide

insanity’s the nature of the beast



just another world apart

just another raging heart

never trust the word like father to the son

just another mystery

just another symphony

scatterbrained when I’m near


seal your fate

enter the secrecy

behind walls, where shadow echo fear

surrounded by a million screams

caged in a lake of neverending pain




hate yourself -

calling the master of disguise

hate yourself -

skin deep, the ecstasy of lies


eat ya’ heart out, enjoy the appetite

feel that flash, a psychomaniac

it’s a revelation,

just read between the lines

the book of blood was never sealed, never sealed



Comment Stefan 2019

"... is not so easy to explain, because on a sociocritical foundation also takes place a settlement with the church or the society in dealing with the children of this world ..."

autumn rain

even if the hurt is gone

time could not heal the pain

this hazy shade of innocence

throughout the hours of grief


abandoned room without a view

taken me away

your epitaph, shall be a sign

for those who fall from grace


for deliverance we yearn in slow motion

like a stranger on the edge of eternity

faces in the fire

burning candles in the wind

faces in the fire, sad angles, heaven sent


jeany’s crying in her sleep

that was yesterday

my little child, dead tired

on a rainy night light this


have you ever seen the children

for whom the last bell toll

have you ever seen the children

christ – what have you done?

what is wrong, what is right?

i see myself, as a child

where is god, who’s got the might

in the autum rain




for deliverance … 

Comment Stefan 2019

"... is simply about the whole troubled out there, whose inner voices drive them to irrational acts ... see currently the child murderers from Frankfurt Central Station ..."

the enemy within

in scarlet

blured color on the floor


behind an unlocked door

cold eyes

watch every step I take

not alone

when will the darkness end?



morbid insanity – the enemy within

on the streets of lunacy,

they walk the night alone

caught in a strange reality


paranoia remains

paranoia remains


burn without a flame


into the window pane


a logical disease

no control

hearing orders possessin’ my soul




stranded by an endless shore

cught in between a trap

forevermore – gimme shelter 

Comment Stefan 2019

".. is about the revenge of a man whose wife and children were brutally killed ..."

fear is the key

I feel the pain grow

It’s like a knife thrust in my heart

I take the challenge

and I’m gonna hunt you down


for two years I’ve been waiting

seemed like infinity

but now I’ve got you in the claws

of my conspiracy


within this little submarine

I’ve got you in my hand

I’ll see you up in horror

You’ll fail to understand



once I was the keeper of the family

enjoyed my life

and thought the world was fair

then dark fate cast a spell upon me

i felt the pain now revenge is mine

don’t cry for mercy

you killed my child, my wife

i feel no sense in living on

vengeance is my life


within this little submarine

there’s no need to be brave

‘cause the dark  and icy sea

is gonna be your grave




chorus x 2

every breath is causing pain

death draws near, you go insane

you will surrender, fear is the key


you’ve made your confession

my plan is done at last

now you’re gonna pay

for all crimes of the past

the electric chair awaits you

you earned it like no man

the ghost of all your victims

keep haunting you ‘till then



chorus x 2

Comment Stefan 2019

"... fits currently very good to the "Fridays for Future Movement", because it's about the destruction and exploitation of the earth ..."

awaken the lion

take a look around you

is a future gonna come

see the growing wasteland

killing our common lung


money’s got the power

and we’re dying for our wealth

conceptions of expansion

but our limits are denied



this planet’s gonna burn

fools play, awaken the lion

path of no return

madness, awaken the lion

who will decide, which way is right

awaken the lion

end of history

future, blown now forever

muting every veto

progress our sacred cow

ignoring all the warnings

the writing on the wall


on the train to nowhere

zero flight into the void

raping our mental forces

who’s sowing wind, will harvest storm


chorus x 2 

Comment Stefan 2019

"... is somehow a heartache issue, you mourn the past love with all the negative effects ..."

burning bridges

jealous heart, a dessert mind

he cannot face another day

solitude, the killing silence

tomorrow’s gone so far away

metal decay, nervous breakdown

memories, the uninvited guest


promises, the early hour

when every flower seemed to grow

silver spoon, blood red sky

that’s what’s dreams can do

fallin’ tears, a chain reaction

trembling eyes in broken glass



strangers in the darkness on the wings of destiny

upon the bloody tears forevermore

ride against the wind to climb the stairway to the stars

but they feel the pain inside their hearts



dreams in the dark, another bridge is burning

and when the hurt is gone, they stand 

beyond a vale of tears

a twilight serenade, a siren song in loneliness

fragments of a love, who’s dying now

a little bit of heaven can more than words can say

finally the answer is a cry – don’t cry


chorus x 2


i’m burnin’, return, i’m burnin’

i’m burnin’, return, i’m burnin’

Comment Stefan 2019

"... the retrospect of a broken man on his life and the insight how mendacious and wrong the world can sometimes be, everything recorded in a diary ..."

reflections of yesterday

autumn and winter, summer and spring

seasons change, like the spirit within

snow covered mountains, wild raging seas

nature’s beauty, a farewell symphony


mother – i ain’t gonna cry

mother – before i die


Life ain’t forgiven, forgiven ain’t free

honour and pride, mendacious morality

you deny the children, religion and faith

no justification, mankind’s fall in disgrace


father – no turning back

father – run with the pack



diary, all my dreaming

my legacy, the unspoken word

diary, all my dreaming

yesterday’s been passing away

lord of creation, forgotten in time

carry the light, through thunder and rain

father hear me, time standing still

reflections hurt, my last will


heaven – the lost paradise

hell – the abyss for all


chorus x 2


passin’ away

i’ve lost the will to fight

i”ve lost the will, the might ... 

Comment Stefan 2019

"... will please all "Game of Thrones lovers",
because it's about an enchanted land beyond our imagination, where good and evil carry on their eternal fight, practical with sword and armor ... "


only winter, not the breath of spring

barren land, nightmare of ice

but the daughter of the woeful king

sore to fight, for a sunrise



and she knew the time was right

fight the creatures of the night


see her standing at the gate of doom

sword and shield close by her side

entering into eternal gloom

break the spell, drive out the night





arcana           - you shattered the night

arcana           - turned darkness to light

arcana           - the rays of the sun, melting to ice

arcana           - you fought the dark one

arcana           - your kingdom has come

arcana           - the shadows of gloom, floating away


challenging the dark one his throne

ignore the fear, neglect the pain

avoid the eye, or you will turn to stone

and your suffering was in vain





arcana … the race of a son, melting the eyes, arcana.

Comment Martin 2019

"... describes the essence of the traditional, ancient Egyptian deity OSIRIS as an immortal and ultimately namesake of the band ... Live always the intro of a gig"

the immortal (in/outro)

i live and i die

but alike the corn in the fields

i shont pass forever

i’m osiris